Notice:     1. This checking facility is for use by the "GENUINE CONSUMERS" after purchase only.

                    2. Manufacturers, distributers, dealers or resellers shall NOT use this facility as it will disqualify the unit for sale.

Unit Identification Number (UIN)
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A valid Unique Identification Number (UIN) has 15 digits. Once used you only can reuse it by giving additional information about purchase that is known to you. If UIN is not readable, or not found on product that was already protected by us, please report by clicking here


Why ensure authenticity of products?

We congratulate you for purchasing a product protected by IsOriginalProduct.Com. It means your product manufacturer is interested in your health and safety. Counterfeit products are unregulated and unsafe. Every year thousands of consumers living and working across the globe suffer accidents and injuries as a result of unregulated counterfeit products. Many of these products have been purchased unwittingly by consumers. Unfortunately, 3000 consumers lose their lives every year as a result of their exposure to dangerous counterfeit products. IsOriginalProduct.Com helps the end users of the protected products to ensure the authenticity of the products/medicine. This is a responsibility you need to undertake acknowledging and appreciating the authentic manufacturers efforts to protect you. When you come across products protected by IsOriginalProduct.Com please make sure you are ensuring the product is authentic at IsOriginalProduct.Com.